Thursday, September 4, 2008

The new kitchen

The beginning of our weekend project

It was truly Labor weekend for us & seeing this
picture reminds me why my back was so sore,
simply b/c we were slower at doing the project
(finished setting it at 2am, so worth it)

We still need to do the finishing touches like caulking and sealing but we love the glass backsplash (it looks more clear in person)

We love that it's done!

the end

I wanted the picture under the words, let's try again...

This layout is not reading my mind so my words will not match my pictures...


Lori said...

I love it! I can never get it to do the things I want it to either.

suzy said...

LOVE the house! I'm so glad you're blogging--thank you Jody for all your encouragement!:) This way we can feel like we talk to you everyday. :) Her name is Amy, but I'll ask her if she has a twin. And the spaces thing...took me forever to figure out...when you add a picture for some reason it adds blank space at the end so you just have to delete it out...and there is probably some way easier way than hitting the backspace key...but I'm a backspace key kind of girl. Nothing too complicated! :)

Anonymous said...

okay seriously im going to lose it this is the 5th time i've tried to send a comment and im thinking the phone is a much better way to communicate so maybe you've seen my comments floating out there but the kitchen is to die for and i can't wait to make cookies in it

Julie said...

Waaaayyyy cute! Or beautiful is a better word for it. I miss you! Seeing your cute face takes me back to very good times! You will always be one of my favorites. I am so glad we are back in touch.