Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And the verdict is...

Now when I showed my friend this picture she didn't even hesitate, can you be that sure of what you are seeing?It may be an invasion of HIS privacy but his little buns are on the left (above) and you can take it from there.
Below he is flexing his arm muscles as if he is trying to communicate to us that he will not cry over not having the perfect outfit to wear...I'll let you know in 5 years if his sisters rub off on him
Meanwhile, Amelia is quite thrilled that she will remain 'the baby girl'

Monday, March 30, 2009

What do you guess???

Will our future baby feet be for a girl? or for a boy?
Due the last day of August but I get to hopefully find out our little mystery tommorrow...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break has come and gone...

Our weather was so great that it actually required shade for laying out...that would be my fashionable daughter on the right (2 skirts are always better than one)
Somedays we played with the neighbors

Somedays we played with friends

Somedays we played with just sisters

& every night they were always so excited to have a sleepover on the couch

In the shadows of the yard, these 3 sisters discussed plans (I'm not sure what kind of plans but it kept them busy for a few hours)

Nearing the end of the week it was Friday night movie & ice cream

Then Saturday rolls along & with Dad off work we decide that we should do something to top off the really cheap spring break week so we decide on going to the Zoo (which is also free here in St. Louis unless you get a parking ticket for expired tabs-I'm not surprised I haven't taken the time to check out our plates but they expired last year around August!)

Here is the beloved 'meow' all strapped in and ready to go

Out of all the big & amazing animals at the zoo, we loved staring at the frogs the most. Well the swimming Hippos are at the top of our list too...it is amazing how graceful they can look while in the water.

Had to hug this frog...a lot.

Skip the family photo of us standing in front of the elephants...let's focus on the pool that should be in my backyard one day...a lovely beachfront entry then swim under the waterfall to get to the cave & then come down the smooth rock slide...now just relax in the sun-ahhh

now wake up b/c your kids are whining at you to go & get some cotton candy!

this is their first time trying it & only 2 out 4 girls liked it
Tessa said it tasted like hair but that it was fine once it melted...Summer couldn't get past the part that it tasted like hair:)

All in all we're glad we took it nice & easy b/c it really did give us time to stop & smell the flowers

(but next year I'm praying for horrible weather so that we are forced to go on a Disney cruise, you wanna join us?)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay, so maybe they do look alike...

(They had been asleep for a couple of hours when we discovered them both sleeping with their sugar babies under their heads)I have a friend that is around them a lot & I won't mention her name (it starts w/an L)
At the park today I gave her a hard time for not knowing who was who but then a couple hours later Summer came up to me & asked a question...after her 'thanks mom' I said 'you're welcome Tessa' & of course I am quickly corrected but then I realized maybe it's easier for me to tell them apart b/c I associate them with what they are wearing for the day or how their hair is. So I am sorry 'L' for giving you such a hard time:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girly heaven!

We got a special delivery monday night & I'm so glad I answered the door b/c we recieved the gift of entertainment for hours on end...these costumes came from her daughters dance class so they will take some growing into but these girls don't care b/c they felt so girlie while they ran around in circles

feeling oh so pretty
(notice Tessa's feet are barely touching the floor)

Amelia even tried to keep up with the fun

Eliza was excited to come home from school every day last week, just to do this...
Life is so simple in their girlie world.
(unless it's a Sunday morning & they can't find the right pair of shoes to wear)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our basement is screaming...

for an Extreme Makeover!!!
So my brother Dave is up to the task & these following pictures are for him & the disclaimer he must agree to, is that he can't back out after viewing... here is the door to the bottom in between the dining room & the kitchen. The doorway on the right is the (tiny) laundry room that also leads out to the garage.
Here we go...

down into the dark and dreary basement

at the bottom of the stairs on your right is a room framed out with lovely paneling that needs to be removed

to your left is where we want to keep the future storage room

the storage wall continued...

on the right of the basement is where we want the big bedroom with a walk in closet that will fit the needs of four girls (with built in shoe racks like the ones on the movie Overboard, he he)
Dave said if we don't clear out all unnecessary junk by the time he gets here he will organize it for us by removing it all & putting it out on the curb (he's real sweet like that)
So I'll be sure to have it done soon!

This will be a hall heading toward this doorway & on the right we are thinking is where the bathroom will go

Here is the bEAutiful plumbing line that we have to plan around

We + you will remove this odd closet that has remained empty since we've moved in & that may be the bath/shower area

Here is a room they used as an office so the ceiling has to go bu-bye

Now we do have some good working benefits around here such as
1. Treats & snacks between the hours of 8am to 9pm
2. Two naps a day (not from the results of working your buns off downstairs but for the entertainment you will have to provide upstairs to four little girls) just kidding, no not really.
3. You'll get to enjoy the feeling of being the funniest, weirdest, can do no wrong, coolest Uncle ever!
4. Conversations that may not make too much sense but still have entertainment value.
5. You'll get to listen to the soundtrack of Enchanted & dance for hours.

So what do you think Uncle Dave do you still want the job???