Tuesday, September 23, 2008

little Amelia

So this is where we have been spending 1 to 2 mornings a week ever since Amelia was diagnosed with ITP, a childhood blood disease that is treatable. It began with one ugly bruise on her stomach & then a week later she got tiny red dots all over her forearm. The little girl on the bottom right is a friend that we have seen almost every time we've had an appointment. We count our blessings b/c we are reminded weekly that it could have been so much worse. We have the sweetest nurses who do their best to make it less painful for our little one.Amelia is now used to getting plenty of kisses from her sisters whenever she holds up her finger that gets bandaged up for the day. You can't see her finger very well in this picture b/c she's covered in chalk but she's holding it out there and will only let me take it off right before bed.
thanks to all her little cousins for keeping Amelia in your prayers (especially you brad) her platlet count is up and she doesn't need medicine this week!
That's our good news update...stay tuned for more.


Christie said...

I am so happy you've decided to join us here in blogland! Your kitchen looks amazing. I can't believe all that you guys have done. Awesome job.

Also, where was that pond/lake that you went to with the bridge or dock? That looks like a prime family photo spot.

foda's food said...

MEOW! That little kitty needs her Aunt Jody to bake her a treat! My oh my how I feel the need to spoil her! But really, I need more pictures I can never get enough...in the words of Summer and Tessa, MORE PLEASE!!!!!

suzy said...

You're girls are so darling! Glad her count is up.

carrie said...

We love Amelia!