Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my oh my it's been awhile

I have to throw these photos up before they drown in my catch up file...Bryn is a magnet for those seeking comfy love

this angel took her job seriously
well not that seriously
 with Bryn's organization we get a live manger scene and a musical number. Although baby Jesus (Reid) was replaced by the toddler wise man b/c he didn't like the layers he had to wear.

opening presents is always entertaining
mainly for the adults
 every holiday needs a Grinch so Garrett volunteered this year
The newest member of our family requires no potty training or food. Just treats.
 this member of the family would also like to only live off treats & not have to be potty trained
 aaand this member of the family is potty trained but still needs training
James put on a Christmas feast that was fabulous!
 baby Ninna came over to show off her skillz as a crawler to encourage Reid but he told her he won't be interested for another 2 months, she was totally bummed
 The wii usually only gets played when guests come b/c this is what happens
 Bryn & Liza whipped up some candy cane cookies all on their own, aren't they beAutiful?
 baby love

New Years Eve day they went rock hopping at Lake Tahoe b/c the weather is so stinkin' warm (don't get me wrong b/c I love warm weather but it's just so out of place)

 A Few Good Men

 A serious game of UNO
 and a serious game of eating dessert
 A round of hugs b/c the end always comes too fast
 this girl is not afraid of work, ask her to empty the dishwasher and she'll end up cleaning the entire kitchen!
 Garrett shared a room with Thomas so now every time we put him to bed in his crib he points & says "GG's bed!" (jeejee)

eating cookies just won't be the same without you guys!