Monday, September 29, 2008

Green Acres is the place for me...

Farm livin' is the life for me (I'm sure the little husband wishes his little wife would really believe that line but we'll just keep singing...) Land spreadin' out so far and wide. Keep Manhatten, just give me that countryside!
That's exactly what we got when a friend invited us to ride her pony. She even provided a picnic snack to help strengthen these kids for the long ride ahead...and the long walk

Tessa was not nervous one bit!

Eliza was nervous...a little bit

Summer was simply nervous.
(she tried to fake it with this smile)

Then to top it off, Grandma Christy (no she does not look like a Grandma but she is definately a professional b/c all of our kids listened to her) took them on an adventure walk.

Wouldn't this be the most amazing yard to let your kids run free in?

Summer & Tessa just wanted to feel like real cowgirls for a moment, looks to me like Tessa takes it a little more serious.

While I was taking this picture Amelia sang out...
Keep Manhattan, just give me this countryside!!!
okay, maybe she just thought it

Good bye, farm life


carrie said...

Today on our was to playgroup we passed some people riding horses and Lydia started yelling "it's Star go back I want to ride her." It really was such a beautiful place. The girls look so happy, cute pictures!

Lori said...

you are a darn good blogger...

foda's food said...

Looks like the place for me too! We're packin up and headin out! See you soon!

It's still tooooo stinkin HOT here!! I better stop whinin and get to bakin, I know thats what you're thinkin!!

devinandamie said...

as Lori said, you are a darn good blogger! I loved that post and it made me so so so homesick. How beautiful. Where was that? Your girls make dang cute cowgirls.

Christie said...

I want a friend with a pony. Where do I sign up?