Thursday, October 28, 2010

Look who stopped by for Summer & Tessa's birthday...

First off let's give credit to Summer & Tessa for going easy on me this year b/c they decided they wanted to share a cake and all they cared about was having umbrellas on it...simplest cake ever

 but their favorite news of the week was when I announced that Grandma and Aunt Tammy were going to be here on their 7th birthday! they squealed with excitement.
they were so happy to be spoiled by our guests

 thomas loved being a part of the action
 what he didn't love was how hard Aunt Bam Bam made him work

and work

 and work
 at learning to walk
(no, it doesn't come naturally to my kids)

um, aunt bam bam?

my mommy chooses not to feed me this kind of junk food so you better take it back

Summer and Tessa still say the cutest things and I'd like to keep them little just like this picture.
While driving alone with Tessa we drive through the community gate and she says "that man has a hard job...he has to smile aaand help the gate open. What if he has a bad day...does he still have to smile?"

thomas loved all the personal attention he got from this girl so he started calling her mama.

then Tammy had to stay home from church with Thomas b/c for sure he wasn't feeling great ;)
so she reorganized our shelves to look more appealing than how I just unpacked a box & threw stuff on there.

We loved our evenings out but James couldn't really capture the moment & blamed the camera for his ghostly pictures

oh well.

Tammy had him dressed and hair styled by 9am every day & the product she put in his hair made him smell like he just crawled out of a salon.

My Mom is always worried about pictures of her being posted so she always has her make up on before she leaves her room in case my camera catches her but at 66 she has already aged better than me.

she made this boy practice walking everywhere

to be continued someday b/c my blog photo downloader has froze on me. Just have our goodbye photos to end a great week but I am sorry the weather had to turn cold on you guys especially since Tammy didn't even bring a jacket or a long sleeved shirt. Ya, she's funny like that.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So do you trust a $30 gender test or an official ultrasound???

just tell me the facts i have more dress up & tea parties in my future or will it be a wrestling partner? i'll let you take a shot of my double chin if you tell me now!

Just one look at your older sisters and you will know...

It's a BOY!

(amelia was the only one hoping for a baby sister but she easily follows the lead of her big sisters when it comes to getting excited)

It's really not new news around here since we agreed with the gender test 4 weeks ago, well worth the money when you're impatient like me.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

A few things that have been enjoyed in the kitchen this week....

mini corn tortillas for some delicious & adorable tacos (every member of the family ate all their dinner & loved it, a very satisfying moment)

these were enjoyed a little too much by me or do I get the privilege of blaming a certain baby whose gender will be confirmed this Wednesday! chocolate season
& I love our ghostly white pumpkin
(never knew they could grow them albino)

love bowls with leftover dried oatmeal

not really.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Bruce

visit Reno for the first time! They were so excited that they rented a car for the 10 days so they could see all that they had planned...the only thing that was not planned was having our entire household get sick & sadly we blamed our lovely Sunday dinner b/c Thomas was the only one who didn't catch our bug.

it was horrible.

but the week ended wonderfully. We are all healthy, wealthy, and wise. Healthy, yes. Wealthy, not so much these days. And just a little more wise.

Friday, October 1, 2010


that doesn't help to take a picture of me when i am stuck in this car

amelia enjoying some solitary time fishing

no fish were biting

not even for this little guy

we longingly watched the fishing boat that we wished we were on (we'd just need one a tad bigger)

halloween dress up box is out & final decisions have not been made yet...

she introduced hello kitty to little bear on the small screen

oh i am such a big help around the house!