Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Post as requested by Tammy...

Yes, I have an overload of pictures during our stay in St George and this Aunty came over every day after work just to squeeze this little man (and she fed him, bathed him etc)

well it looks like he also learned to text from all the time he spent in her lap.

No more requests will be granted at this time...we have the first day of school on Monday and a four year old's birthday to celebrate. The girls don't know what to be more excited for, literally they have been talking it up for weeks on the planning of her birthday & what luck that I move away from my friends that I could have burdened with being the photographer, the balloon maker/entertainer, the cake maker and party planner. sniff, sniffle...I guess I'll just have to do.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Already just a memory...

Hot summer days made just for swimming

Look close and you will see why it is such a miracle to make it through a summer at Grandpa's pool with no calls to 911...there are actually four platforms for diving off, one rope swing and a large pole covered with carpet hanging over the pool about 10 or 12 feet.

Aunt Deb with just a few piglets hanging on her (yes, the youngest piglet is naked)

Swimming all day can really wipe you out

Ashlin working on her upper body strength

From sun up to sun down this pool was on duty and did a fine job of entertaining on our long hot summer days...see you next year.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

listen, it's me thomas. and this here is my aunt piggers...she took me out to play some raquetball and during our 1 on 1 she filled me in on the fact that she is now looking for a soul mate. no. not me, someone quite a bit older and maybe not so cute. he just has to have a sweet spirit and lots of wrinkles.

now that i've taken care of that, let's move on to my rocked.

 my mom's all class when it comes to wrapping for a 1 year old,
she thinks i didn't notice
 can i just eat it like this?
 what do you mean there are rules to eating a birfday cake...
 that's what i thought
 hmmm, that's dang good
 water break

my twirling toes say it all.

thanks girls for playing tractor with me all day and for singing to me over and over and over again...i loved it everytime!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Visitor!

Who woulda thunk that Uncle Joey who has 3 little ones of his own would plan a trip to fly out here b/c he was dying for some quality time with my 5 little ones! I know, he's an amazing uncle to fly up on his own dime & devote a week to hanging out with us...well maybe it was just an overnighter & maybe his work paid for it b/c he had some exciting deposition to do but hey...he could have stayed in a hotel but he chose us, he chose us (please say that last part with conviction like Tom Cruise would)

Thanks Joseph for the visit! I could have captured more exciting moments than this at the yogurt shop but I was too entertained with you trying to teach my girls leg wrestling before bed & watching to see if you would hurt yourself while trying to do your traditional tuck ins on the top bunks :) that was funny. Til next time!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

little brother

i can't believe

after almost a year

that i still make my sisters

grin from ear to ear

(a little surprised that he doesn't have permanent bite marks from us wanting to eat him all the time)