Sunday, February 22, 2009

For the sister who said...

to just chop all the girls hair off!!! I almost gave in until something reminded me that I really don't like extra work (We have the inbetween hair, not all curly & not all straight.) So Summer & Tess just got a healthy trim while Liza got it chopped. She loves it short even though it requires a blow dryer & a flat iron

She just has a hard time expressing her happiness when she can't keep her eyes open for one picture!

I even gave it a day so she could relax the blink reflex but as you see...she can't

So after 10 shots I just told her to turn around for the one shot that would not demand a retake

For her school pictures you can tell they had to just pick the one where they caught the eyes half open...I had to call & cancel her GAP photo shoot-there goes our college savings plan.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


"I'm so cited Balentine Days is finally here!"this is my #1 food group...treats

Piggy even arrived for the special occasion but fell flat on his face when he realized how much sugar he would have to consume in one day

a healthy start to a happy day

well, not so happy for some...we had tummy troubles for Summer & Tessa. It was so sad b/c they were waking up each day asking how many more days 'til Valentines Day & then when it arrives they both don't feel like eating an ounce of sugar...(I'm still hoping to catch this bug)

this is all they did throughout the day

but Amelia was eating enough candy for everyone

from sweet little hands to a sloppy little mess

my mouth is full so I say no more

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

East Coast Fun

So we finally made it to our weekend getaway & we head straight for the largest mall in the states (at least at one time it was) & Tammy gets right down to business...posing in a dress & her ugg boots (I don't mind showing off her winter white legs) no, she didn't buy the dress

but Jody did find a purse that she willing to model for & she did buy it

(just trying to support the economy of course)

then we got a little tired from shopping at two stores so we had to stop for a treat at...

they look yummy

but we couldn't touch them for 20 minutes b/c they had to get to room temperature

by the time we could eat them we had lost interest & felt like eating dinner instead so we actually wasted $15 bucks on cupcakes b/c the next day they weren't so fresh & yummy looking. Oh well, dinner was good & we got ice cream to take into the theaters & laughed our way through the movie 'New in Town' it may not have gotten the greatest reviews but we loved it.

We took over their bedrooms so this is where Bryn got to sleep...

and this is where Garrett got to sleep...

they must love us...a lot.
We only took pictures on the first & last day of our trip but everything in between was just about laughing, food & treats! Our bonus was that we got to sleep in every morning & Dave even made breakfast for Saturday & Sunday, we were spoiled!

We did get too laid back & a little loopy by the looks of this picture, holding a Virgils root beer.

This is how hard we laughed when we found out Tammy was pregnant.
Okay, she's not but we would laugh pretty hard if she was ever surprised:)

the time came to get on a jet plane & look how excited the girls were when they came to pick me up at midnight...

Thanks for showing us Virginia like it's been your town for 4 years instead of just 4 measly weeks! So fun to see how your new life fits so comfortably, although I hope you guys still get board out of your gourd so that you'll be motivated to come see us again!!!