Sunday, September 18, 2011

I saw someones competitive side come out...or twinitive side.

 Summer was first at having a loose front tooth but as it dangled she was too afraid to have me pull it & all of my great ideas could not sway her but Tessa did not want to wait another day & allowed me to tie dental floss around her front tooth & was sooo happy to lose it 4 hours before Summer!
but for the 2nd front tooth Summer was 1st to wiggle hers out & I told Tessa she had a few more days until hers was loose enough. Nope, she wiggled 3 straight hours at church & pulled it by the end of primary. 


tammyswilliams said...

thank heavens for that freckle!
i understand never wanting a sister a to out do you so i say ROCK ON and never lose not matter the cost or you could just love one another and be a cute cheerleader:) its a free country and i wouldn't want to sway anyone hehehehe

devinandamie said...

end of primary! aaah! Those baby blue eyes are so so picture takable. Your life is sunny and light. HEY you didn't go to that air show down there in Reno did you?