Sunday, September 4, 2011

Here were the happenings in the first week of August when Laura and Mia came to visit all the way from their mountain in Colorado. Went swimming for the day at Laura's friends house

 went swimming some more at our neighborhood pool

 these boys are getting bigger by the day so I must smooch them as much as possible

 Amelia had swim lessons and no longer requires flotation devices! Here she is with her buddies Tessa and Abby

 more swimming at Lake Tahoe where we met up with Laura's BYU freshman roommate and her family
(they felt the lake was at least 1 degree warmer than when they went last time)

 yes, they are running from a lake 'wave'
it may be time to hit a real beach :)

Is this Eliza annoyed that she has to share this moment with her sisters (she thinks Mia should be her very own cousin since they are the same age...sorry missy!) or she could just be focusing on trying to keep her eyes open for the picture...either way we are just happy for time we got to play swim!


something good said...

Sharing is caring...thanks, needed this little escape. luf

tammyswilliams said...

escape from what Jody i was just with you and i thought i was your escape!! im not feeling the love right now and then i gave you cinnamon rolls and then i listen to you and laugh with you and cry with you what more can i give! :)