Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grants Homecoming!
July 12, 2011
waiting for his plane to land

 we started to cry as soon as he stepped off the airplane & his momma finally got to hug her baby boy

 cousins Garrett and Connor grew as tall as he was

 way too cute

 excuse blurry pics but Deb is always movin' fast
 Here are the two babies that were born while Grant was hanging out in Peru...I was in High School holding Grant as a baby and now he's holding mine, so crazy!
 the girls were so happy to have him all to themselves while swimming

 these next two pictures speak for themselves

 Grant has made us so proud, he didn't countdown the days until he was home because he loved the work he was doing & it showed with every letter he wrote through email. By the looks of this picture he's ready to dive into the next chapter of his life & we all believe he will be successful with school (& dating :)
It looks like he's flying but it did turn into a dive


Jody Harrell said...

I you could make money off the pics of belly is still jiggling from laughter!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing. Very cool.

tammyswilliams said...

that was awesome! p.s. we havent seen Grant since you left haha

Jody Harrell said...

its bryn I know i wasnt in any of the pictures cause i was at girls camp but i was waiting for the pictures of the girls and me swimming and playing.... haha but that is okay and that is the cutest thing ever with thomas omgosh soooooo funny