Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally finishing up our trip to St George
just a little behind this summer
 in most pictures my dad has a hard time keeping a straight face but the girls love his goofiness

 Tammy gets credit for taking these next shots of Mom in action trying to maintain composure with a 2 year old

 some serious and not so serious moments with grandpa
 Reid is getting adored by Deb (aunt piggers)
 I received the cutest comment from Bryn telling me that there were no pictures of her in my last post so next summer we will not come while you are at girls camp! At least we had you for a few days
 we just trashed four of our favorite swimsuits of the summer, I was sad to see this Esther Williams look alike get tossed

 he's excited...
 and scared at the same time

 this boy loves his cousins, especially when Ashlin holds him...a lot

we drove by the Alien museum again without stopping because at the end of a trip the word TIRED always changes last minute plans. Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...

the actions of mom are classic! and then Thomas being scared hilarious! Connor just informed me tha i say classic too much..whatever this was a classic post haha

something good said...

I'm feeling like Bryn right now, but where are all the pics with me?? I don't get it, I love the camera and the camera loves me! I'll bet I looked too good in my swimsuit and you didn't want anyone to feel bad...I get it and I totally understand. ;)