Sunday, July 24, 2011

longest post of pictures for Guinness book of Bowen records

Amelia breaks her arm on the last day of vacation in Moses Lake on Memorial Day...James took all the girls on his own but they had so much fun that I don't think it deterred to him to do it again someday

We highly recommend a watermelon toss for FHE, just be sure to share with a family that's just as excited to eat watermelon off the ground as you are! It was more exciting than a pinata...truly.

Below is a picture of what we like to call a future prearranged marriage, unless Thomas shakes things up
Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe is our new beach destination so feel free to join us, we go with the Rasmussen gang b/c if another mom is crazy enough to go alone with all of her kids then I can't be left out!

The water may be freezing but I hear it keeps you young :)

4th of July bike parade was a hit & we are looking forward to do it again next year...the kids followed the fire truck through the neighborhood by the church but Amelia ran the whole way in flip flops

Thomas was not so thrilled
Went to Carson City Train museum afterwards

and even though it was hot they loved it
Getting the cast off was my favorite more worries at the pool or bath time

We even got to meet up with some of our St Louis friends for hugs and pizza...Autumn & I
Samantha and the girls


Tait said...

first, poor amelia, but love the pink cast. second(i don't feel like captializing words) love the watermelon toss. i could probably try it with eggs right now and they would cook when they hit the ground. third, you are still rockin a hard body after all those children. fourth, the kids are growing so fast. fifth, miss you.

Kelly said...

i think I am "cutting" my watermelon that way from now on.

Lori said...

So fun, I wish I wasn't such a loser and wanted to actually post pictures on my blog because it is really fun to look at yours!

devinandamie said...

ZZZZana! hey i love love your blog, it makes me feel like i'm sitting in your living room listening to your stories. You're just great. And that's all there is too it.
Now to the pink cows. I used wilton candy melts. I got them at Walmart in the cake decorating section (not the food section) but over by stationary, wedding cake, birthday plates and such. Added 1/4 tsp crisco. I hear you can do this with Almond bark also then to make them pink do pink sprinkles. They are called marshmallow pops. They are just a lot easier than cake pops that's why i did them. The round ones are doughnut holes. Another cheater cake pop, so you don't have to make cake balls. But I know you guys love marshmallows! Anywho. Jealous of your hang out session with Lori. She is so fun. She's comin out just to visit you? AAAh post pictures!

Anonymous said...

ok tha got us to July 4 lets keep em rollin' nice to see that Liza is growing taller than the twins :) have fun this weekend and next :)