Monday, August 22, 2011

A sweet visit all the way from St. Louis!

Surprise to our little friend Brynn...she thought she was visiting some long lost cousins until we opened the door (Lori wins mom of the year for planning her daughters 9th birthday)
 Lori's mom & brother were generous enough to drop them off to us

Can't wait to see what these girls are like as teenagers, oh's a glimpse

 after spending the evening at the lake we had to top off her birthday by having cake at Friday ever!
 Lori was up for a Sunday walk but to me it felt like a walk-a-thon. I am such a wimp compared to this montana raised chick
  • loved getting super tired from late night chatting
  • loved getting lost in my own town just to find a store to use my stupid groupon coupon (by the way I still love the wallet we got)
  • loved having you for the weekend


tammyswilliams said...

i started to cry looking at Brynns face i know that feeling when you just can't believe it! Way to go Lori! looked like fun and Lori I have those black espedrills :) we are so hot in our shoes :)

Tait said...

surprise surprise surprise the a Bowen girl gets tired on a walk.... but if you actually walked then ok but if you were pushed in a stroller I don't feel bad :-)
I bet the girls were so excited..loved Brynn's face.

devinandamie said...

fine blonds really do have more fun. brynn's hair is so long from what I remember. OH fun. You guys make me happy.

Lori said...

Brynn and I loved every minute of our time with you and can't for the next get-together! Doesn't someone have a birthday in December:)