Monday, March 8, 2010

You decide...

From the following choices, what describes my previous week?

a) overwhelmed

b) happy

c) confused & frustrated

d) content

e) craaazy
Answer: Beats me. I just love them cookies.

and yes the oatmeal chocolate chip and the m&m were made twice b/c I did share a few with the needy, no, I'm not talking about my children. Although they get rationed & I do not.


something good said...

Mine never make it to the cookie jar!

Christie said...

Answer: I am your long lost twin. Or triplet in your case. Only I must be fraternal because I am way too chubby.

michelle said...

Answer: You can suck it.

I'M SO SORRY!! Did I just type that?! Please ignore the horrible-dieting-cookie-deprived-maniac that has taken over my body. She can't be held accountable for comments made while under the influence of NO CHOCOLATE.

I have to say, for the record, that it is SO COMPLETELY UNFAIR that you can bake the way you bake, and LOOK THE WAY YOU LOOK.



Think you're awesome anyway.

Anonymous said...

i love it! i was in a baking mood this week too. thats weird. mine consisted of BYU cookies and banana bread and See's :)