Sunday, March 14, 2010

So my Mom got a little worried...

and I'm thinking it's b/c of my post of cookies. With every phone call she would ask if I was feeling good, not that she doesn't ever ask but it was more like she was trying to get me to admit to something I'd done wrong. Well before I admit that I was wrong to have cookies for every meal, I like to make things right...LOOK MA, I'm back on the wagon with real food in the house!
i will have you know that when i focused on the fruit bowl that foot was not in view but it is sweet & ripe for the nibbling
then thomas asked his big sis, Tess, to take him on a treasure hunt. After demanding that the chest be opened...

he was shocked to find that mom has been holding out on him!
so we made him some exciting carrot puree & froze the rest in the only ice trays we own :)
he would like to introduce his latest smile to you, wait...
here it is

and again


devinandamie said...

oh my gosh he is so cute.

I think I remember Amelia doing that smile!


something good said...

veggie smeggie.

Fruit makes you toot.

Thomas makes me crave sugar.

michelle said...

Susan, you can SUCK IT.

Jody said I could say that.

Anonymous said...

way to go with veggies and fruit but the cookies are better and then hold fort! what was i thinking..."zan i will just save my flight for the fall trip" NOT now i want to come now! ready think of willy wonka purple girl..I WANT IT NOWWWW! I really feel like saying that all night and bug everyone in sight. i love him and want to squeeze him to pieces. hte gills too of course :)