Monday, March 22, 2010


to the cheapest spring break...
Indoor Hotel for sleepovers all week (for the first time ever we went to bed before our girls & fell asleep listening to their giggles)
had a few perfect weather days but...
Tessa kept herself prepared with a coat on, just in case.
the only thing I purchased was 3-D chalk (it really works) Good time to go to the library 'off season' the lines were short & we got to sit wherever we wanted. ; )


something good said...

Our spring break is next week--the kids are expecting D-World! Maybe the 3-D chalk will suffice?



I don't think so--enjoy the little expectations while they last--I miss them!

something good said...

I think your house will do!

Please buy more 3D chalk for Dave!

See you on Saturday!

Pucker up thomas!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

I think all the magazines I take are pretty boring compared to your blog. In fact,I've cancelled some because all they talk about is weight, excercise,'s getting tiresome. Some of them are begging me to come back for $5.99 a year but I'm making my stand. I don't really have time to call the talk shows I agree with, so I make the magazines notice that losing one subscription can make a difference, especially with 6 grown daughters who will tell all their friends to cancel and enjoy Zana, Jody and Suzy's blogs. Blogs are for real life, kids, husbands, family, friends who can take a peek at daily life when they don't win the lottery so they can travel whenever they want. I will continue to enter Reader's
Digest for cash because I only trust them to honor my entry when I don't order anything. Thanks for letting me share...Love you and your blogs so much, Mom
p.s. I am seriously considering starting my own blog this summer if you will train me when you visit. and oh, you'll need to buy me a new camera.

tammyswilliams said...

you know my uncle carlito always says "cheap is good for da soul and beddar for da memories"

have you noticed that they always forget the times you spend $500 and won't stop talking about the silly thing that cost nada.

i just looked at moms and she wrote a book!