Sunday, February 28, 2010

leftover valentine

notice how the options just get sweeter...wouldn't that make you feel special
p.s. just b/c a couple sisters get to hang out in Virginia together doesn't mean i've been shorted on phone calls b/c tammy has made up for both of you being too busy to chat...gotta go, deb's waitin' for my call


devinandamie said...

I love all the little "somepings" Amelia adds to your life and the basket thing...looks like a classic case of a super loved pampered baby! well anyway, about the kitty jammies,,, they are a very nice hand me down from a girl who is also OBSESSED with kitties... I will look at the tag and let you know. Naomi also has kitty shoes, and dress ups from her too... I will ask her where she finds all her kitty things..

something good said...

Sprenkles are magical! Whenever mom would add sprinkles, I knew she loved me the best, and that I was the special one! Being the middle child gave me a few issues!

Liza is taking after her mother...SWEET, with sprinkles on top!

I think mom always gave you extra sprinkles! :)

devinandamie said...

Zana, those kitty jammies are "agabang" brand? I think my friend does a lot of her shopping online, because her girl is always kitty EVERYTHING. actually kitty or frog. No other option. If I ever see cute kitty jammies in all my shopping I never do... i'll let you know. I'm seriously going to play group this week. See you there? Or kindergarten duty calls?

devinandamie said...

oh in my comment I ment to say seriously considering going to play group... I forgot to type the considering part.. it will revolve around getting a haircut from Sandy...anyway

Susan said...

I think all the magazines I take are pretty boring compared to your blog! In fact I've cancelled some because all they talk about is weight loss, exercise, organizing, it's getting tiresome. Some of them are begging me to come back for 5.99 a year but I'm making my stand. I don't really have time to call the talk shows I agree with so I make the magazines notice that one lost subscription can make a difference, especially with 6 grown daughters who will tell all their friends to cancel and just enjoy Zana's blog and Jody's and Suzy's. Blogs are real life, kids, treats, humor, and friends and family who can take a peek at lives when they don't have airfare to travel as much as they want..... well, thanks for letting me share I JUST LOVE THIS BLOG!!! Mom