Monday, February 1, 2010

Just can't get enough...


James came home for lunch to find that I was on a date with a boy that I've had a crush on for over 5 months now. Sure, he may be possessive and clingy but...he loves me.


I had to run a quick errand that night & no one wanted to hear him cry himself to sleep so Summer laid on the bed to rock him back and forth and this is what we found 1 hour later...Summer and Thomas...asleep



Tait said...

So that is why you have lots of they can put the baby to bed! :-) All I have to say is Awhh, the way he is looking at you is priceless. Although you do have boobies and its the same way Ryan looks at me when he is eye level to them.

michelle said...

Dearest Zana,

No clever comments.

No snappy comebacks.

Just this:


something good said...

His wife's gonna have issues wit chew!

Alma Tait is a riot!!!

Anonymous said...

how does it feel to be the only one he looks at that way? true wuv thats what it is! Summer thats my girl we must always stay true to our charge whatever it might be in this case its the most adorable baby brother ever! love you