Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Sale, $2,800 OBO
Patio furniture set, excellent condition, no tears or shredding, 3 or 4 years new. Reason we are selling is b/c husband wants me to charge it up for a new one from Williams Sonoma. Set includes table, cocktail umbrella, 4 chairs, 2 squirrels.

little punks.


Tait said...

You need to Goliath those little punks. I got a few stones at my house.

Christie said...

I'll take it. Such fine craftmanship. I can definitely tell it has not been used at all. Plus, the squirrel will go nicely with the birds that took up residence in my fireplace last week.

something good said...

That was stinkin HILARIOUS! I reeallly needed a good laugh today!

Just realized, monday is Pres. Day--no school--I think I'm going to commit meself!

-past 2 weeks=9 snow days!

See why I needed a good laugh!