Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Before my day got started I got a little sick off these brownies that were not the best & even Amelia said "next time you can make these brownies better" (i cut up caramel into pieces & they baked too hard & chewy)
then my bedroom/nursery/office looked like I felt...
but after I pumped up the music, it got it's pre-baby look back
all I can say about our bedroom is OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?! We can hardly wait to move office & nursery out of our room then I can have real before & after shots
BEFORE this chandelier is replaced please know that my girls will not love a new one as much as this old one b/c of all its hanging jewels...we are down to 3 lights working on it b/c the wires are so old and gummy so in the shot below we focus on the holiday that can cover up our half working chandelier
In the picture below you will see life with a pacifier
aaand life without
Life before a baby brother was pretty boring but now ... well she has someone to tease
Before this bread was made the same old boring way but then...
Jody from 'Something Good' said to make something better by making it a swirl bread...so I did
oh that cinnamon smell permeated the house & I felt no need to make dinner
Our baby Thomas doesn't need an AFTER picture b/c we think he's still cute even when we don't brush his crazy hair


something good said...

Just a few comments...

Give that boy the sucker already!

You're a red dot snob!

Oh brother does not read your blog--try another way to motivate him! GOOD LUCK!

He represents the lollipop kids!

thanks for the fun snippets!

Lori Belle said...

Always fun to read you blog GF!The the tie onsie, CUTE!

tammyswilliams said...

thank you thank you i really needed to see your life and that was awesome! the room kills me; where is that damn brother! hehehe
you should say that 5x out loud it feels real good and then you can last another week! the binki YAHOO! the sucker HILARIOUS! looked up tickets and it is cheaper to fly to Jods right now.. hummm na i wouldn't do that to you!

Tait said...

My sis n law would wrap a fruit roll around Dorian's paci...g I wonder why he missed it so much.
Love the before and after on the bedroom. The house totally reflects on how you feel. I am feeling stubborn right now.

Susan said...

What adorable pictures, I bet your mom must love those darling kids, she is a lucky gandma! Oh, that's right, it's me, I am the grandma and I am more than lucky! Zana thanks for posting your life so I can see it...Thomas is getting so big...we are so excited for you all to come this summer.....love you, Mom