Thursday, December 10, 2009

HOUSTON...we have a problem
we have a momma's boy on our hands.
i see my mommy & i so happy

so i look at someone else & when i realize it's not my mommy...

i get a wittle sad

(nobody wants to hold a crying baby so I need to get a handle on this before he gets married, I will be posting an ad for a full time nanny soon. You may send resume for me to review)


Lori Belle said...

oh my! CUTE!!

something good said...

OH MY WORD! I am screaming really loud right now! That was the cutest post ever! I'll email my resume pronto!

Tait said...

Seriously I want to grab that little lip. I don't know if I like pouty faces more or smiles. Too Cute

tammyswilliams said...

uncle kelsey said: "that kid is so good lookin".
why do i feel so full of pride when he says that? its not like i had anything to do with his genetic makeup but i do take the credit silently..i know i need therapy!

Travis and Jen said...

Hi Zana,

This is Travis Winder, I am James's old friend from college. I found your blog and wanted to find out what James is up to these days. Congratulations on the new baby!

So, have James send me an email or something ( And check out our family blog at

something good said...

I'm still screaming!