Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One week in Moses Lake!

We left the house by 6am so there was no rushing, just me doing a lot of pointing...they should make mom statues with their arm extended & finger pointing. I do it way too much.Layover in SLC

Taking off was everybody's favorite

no child was scared for take off's & landings (just James)

James always lucked out and had the one next to him fall asleep

3x! (we had a lot of layovers)

but we did finally arrive!

The first couple of mornings they did a lot of this...

don't forget about the 'little' pretty in pink...she got plenty of turns.

they waited patiently by skipping around...

but 4 wheelin' is way more fun than skipping.

(we should really call it 4cruisin' for our little gang)

Grandpa Bruce just chillin'

Here is James with his BFF, Sean (he thinks BFF sounds too girly for a couple of guys that hunt & fish but he's not the one typing here is he?)

they took all their girls fishing & you can see who has raised their girls in farm country & who has not.

although Liza did attempt to gut the fish by holding the knife & poking at him, she gladly let the more experienced, take over.

Then on Thursday night Grandma put together a production of the manger scene b/c we had plenty of cousins to fill the parts...& I guess it really does make sense to do it closer to his actual birth. It just took a little more effort to get everyone enthused about it...

I don't want to name names or anything

(hey, at least he was holding the scriptures!)

here is our little herd of animals

We almost got a picture of all the cousins together but we are missing Summer and Amelia

Amelia's favorite part of the evening was having Jordan play with her all night...she loves her big cousin!

She didn't have her usual dose of Little Bear while we were gone but she was able to sneak some alone time with her friend on the ipod.

On Friday night we had dinner at James BFF's house & they had a pony for the girls to ride & Summer got the most time on it but she had to pay for it the next day b/c she couldn't walk.

Aunt Chris had the most sympathy for her b/c she carried Summer in & out of the movie theater so then she became very attached & decided to get a little more one on one time with her Aunt by falling asleep on her lap:)

Grandma got the paints out for all the girls to have some fun, they loved it

Here is our main attraction, since he can't fly out to visit good ol' St. Louis we just had to bring all the little ones to him...Great Grandpa!!! (Summer wasn't feeling good that day so she missed the group picture) The sweetest Great Grandpa ever...we needed our girls to have a memory of him that we hope they'll always cherish. I love having a picture of me & my Great Grandma even though I was just a baby.

Just like that and the week is gone so it looks like I better get busy with this...
home sweet home.

  • It's great to look at a week in just pictures b/c it leaves out the long day we had with Amelia being sick & throwing up.

  • The first couple of days when the girls took turns sleeping all day from supposed jet lag?

  • The crying at the end of our plane rides when Eliza had ear pain (chewing gum didn't help the girl).

  • A pregnant mom with aching legs & just simply being pregnant.

  • and any other details that are long forgotten b/c I didn't take a picture of it:)


Anonymous said...

oh that was so much fun! girl you make me tired! why is it that a vacation cannot always be a vacation? im glad they saw their great gramps..Ashlin has a huge bond with grandpa butler and she was only 3 when he died you never can tell..nice to have you home now i better go check jodys blog! luvs

carrie said...

You all look like you had lots of fun except for the being sick part. We thought about going to San Diego but I think I'm just too tired. Your very brave.

Nici said...

ZANA......Do not tell me that you were 90 minutes from me and you didn't cal!!! Oh wait, maybe it's cause we have both moved 100 times in the past 6 years so weve lost eachothers #s. Anyways, I found you!. I miss baking with you, and can't believe how big the girls are. Give your family my love and know that I think of you all the time.
Love and hugs.....Nici

something good said...

You say you went to Moses Lake? So where are the pics of you on the "Lake" showing off your perfect10 pregnancy bod! Actually, I think it's nice of you not to post those pics!

Love this post! You should be a tour guide!

Thank you for coming back ;)!!

Christy Ivory said...

Hey Zana!!! It looks like you guys had such a great time with the Grandparents. What a trip huh?? It's a huge thing taking your family to another state.
Well, sorry we missed you guys. I totally understand about your sick one. That's not fun at all. Hope she is feeling better.
Well girl. I'm sure you were happy to be home when you got there. It's always nice to come home after a long trip. Well, we will chat soon. We need to do some real catching up. Oh....Sorry, I haven't sent you an invite to my private blog yet, because I don't know how to make it private!! I will let you know when I get on top of things around here. Talk to you soon.

Tait said...

I heard Ry laughing in the other room..and he said you have to see this..All the girls making a face at the fish while the country girl just picked it up.
Suburbia Girls :) Love it

Anonymous said...

for the love of life get some new pictures going here :)