Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zanadoos and don'ts of parenting.

DO keep one room empty of furniture for free play (it's for the kids, has nothing to do with not being able to let go of your cash...I think.)
DO let your little one suck their fingers if they look cute. Don't tell other parents you have a finger sucker when you tell them it's time their child drops the bad habit.

DON'T teach your child that it is okay to mix salty with sweet at once. There must be a waiting time of at least 5 minutes. (This boy belongs to Laura...the sister who does not believe in artificial colors & hates fast food...we find it funny, she doesn't)

DO think about how you've reacted in the past when your child starts crying before you've even had time to explain that you're not mad.
(They had a pen in the shape of a candy cane & Tessa didn't think it was really a pen that worked until it was too late. This couch really is amazing how everything can be cleaned off with a wet washcloth but I still wish it could fit in the basement)

DON'T let your child think they can justify a pair of floods by saying 'they look like capri's mom'

DON'T forget to hide last summer's flip flops from a 2 year old b/c it's really difficult to explain that she has grown too big for the shoes...her response 'i tiny, let's go'
To be continued...for the next 20 years.


something good said...


I feel better about myself after reading that. But, Bryn still thinks you're practically perfect in every way!

Mary Poppins got nothin on you!

Lori Nielsen said...

I am still laughing....So funny!

dontnoy said...

I love this! it is too true, I think I've experienced most of these.

Lori said...

Thanks for the laugh today!

tammyswilliams said...

Okay the floods is a classic..the flipflops hilarious.. wait until they are 9 then you DO try to tell them they still fit b/c you are waiting for the perfect NEW flip flop and you just want them to hold on a little longer but you give up and end buying ugly ones and wonder all summer "why can't I be stronger?" I love you and Kelsey said you have a great sense of humor!

devinandamie said...

oh i don't ever think I've enjoyed reading a blog so much. Seriously, I'm just gonna make my husband, get a job wherever your and Lori's does. Keep me a good perspective on life whenever I'm around you guys... and 3 bike baskets riding to the grocery story is way cuter than two. :)

colette said...

What a funny post.... enjoy your blog!

something good said...

Looking for some Easter magic in St. Louie! Pinks and pastel greens and little girly things...you better post pics soon! I need my pic fix!