Monday, May 11, 2009

May day was my big day

Eliza designed my b-day decorations, apparently...if you read the fine print...I rock.
Look who came through on her little promise...chocolate covered cinnamon bears! They were worth all her effort & thank goodness she married a man who can carry her good intentions all the way to the post office

My friend treated me to a little pampering but the trouble of taking chances with new colors is that when it doesn't look as good on your toes as it does in the bottle, you get this...the color of Shrek goop

but all is well when sweet friends make sweet deliveries!
Now you see why our girls love to celebrate any one's
birthday...lots of treats

I chose Carrie's cake for the candle ceremony b/c she put lemon curd & fresh raspberries in the good & so cute
and very good for the baby belly

34 years & happy to be here!!!


Nici said...

Happy Birthday my friend...I wish you were not so far away. Hope that your day was amazing! I will have to try some chocolate covered cinnamon bears!!
Love and hugs....Nici

Lori said...

The Shrek poop looks even worse on photo! I love Eliza's sign, she has future there.

tammyswilliams said...

i love you! you have redeemed yourself! the toes are hilarious maybe what would have fixed them was a nice spray on tan..hahaha hope you are having a blast with your mama

carrie said...

I hope you ate all of those treats it's easy to see that everyone loves you. I have to say that my reason for bringing you something wasn't because I think you're one of the funniest prettiest people I know, I was just trying to fatten you up. :) Happy Birthday, I hope you are having lots of fun with your mom.

Christie said...

Happy birthday, my friend, green toes and all!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday pretty lady!!

something good said...

You definitely ROCK, just please don't roll!

Couldn't imagine life without you!

Lova ya sis!