Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here is proof of our first vacation together without kids. It's probably a good thing that I had not tasted of the sweet fruit of traveling alone until now b/c it might be addictive. So lovely to read a book with no To Do list hanging over my head. We didn't have to rush so that means we didn't bicker with each other for a whole week! It was simply marvelous.

we decided against the cool rocky black sand beach

and instead headed over to Hapuna beach just five minutes away...perfect sand, perfect water temp, and perfect sea turtles to swim along side with.

We renewed our vows over a fabulous dinner and vowed to go on vacation kids. Just us.

tell me again why I ever considered cancelling?


Denice said...

I want to go on record that I NEVER supported or agreed with you canceling your HI trip. I knew you only needed a taste of that sweet mana and you would then have your head screwed on straight. Hooray for trips with the hubbs.

Autumn Peterson said...

Looks like fun and you two look so relaxed. Couples trips are a must!

something good said...

Good thing you have an on call nanny...she's still recovering but I'm sure she'll be ready for the next trip in 2020! heehee