Sunday, June 17, 2012

family visitors!

 Liza and Mia 10 years old!
 PJ's and milkshakes...anything better?

 Kelly and my Aunt Ann came to visit from Santa Cruz and we are sooo glad they did b/c Kelly is now 16 and we last saw her about 5 years ago when we were living in Boise & since then our family has doubled so it was fun to make new memories
 Kelly is way too cute and Reid loved her attention
 Laura wanted this picture to compare the sizes of our two year olds...she is so happy that Trey is smaller so that she can baby him longer :) Poor Thomas doesn't get babied too much (his mom doesn't even pull up his pants anymore)

 We are so blessed to have not one but two cousins from cool!

 Trey enjoyed the company of Reid more than Thomas b/c Reid doesn't shove him, smack him, or push him out the door...literally.
 we are so happy to have Trey be part of the family...we love new additions!!!        

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something good said...

nannerrssssss it's bryinee boo!!!
I think those are just the cutest pictures of trey, and everyone. And I see your catching up on your blogging very nice, very nice well luffs ya miss ya!!!:-)

(p.s) zana somethimes certain members of my family make me feel like im adopted. wont mention names!