Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer & Eliza & Tessa

Piano recital May 7th 2012

 then the following Friday Summer & Tessa were in their school talent show and
 Summer chose to sing the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow (A Capella)
 Tessa chose to play a song from her recital, Canon

out of the mouth of Tessa..."Summer's was the best b/c when she sang the whole audience was silent"

All I can say is they have guts to want to get up on stage! They were fabulous :)


Jody Harrell said...

you are one good mama gettin those girls off to lessons and listening to the same songs practiced over and over and over and over again. I should know because I was there and did what you do and all I'm sayin is, you is one good mama, you is kind, you is smart and I is TIRED!!!!

Denice said...

I would have been quiet when she sang too... that is, only if I could have kept Ninna quiet! :) Fabulous talents... every one!