Sunday, May 13, 2012

A sweet passing...

We said farewell to a sweet Grandpa who was also the sweetest Great he is with Summer in 2009

 There were a lot of tears when everyone shared memories of him but at the same time it was such a happy reunion

 Samantha & I had our twins just a few months apart so when they were babies we lined them up on the floor for pictures but I don't know how scan it to my computer so we made them reinact it
 All of the Bowen cousins from oldest to youngest

after the funeral and lunch we gathered at Grandpa's house for one last visit together and he ended the day with a rainbow in his backyard

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something good said...

What a sweet tribute...although it stinks you had to buy more space with bloggers new rules, documenting moments like this is what it's all about.

ps I wish I didn't need to prove I wasn't a robot everytime! It makes me question my very existence! I don't like to think so deeply this early in the morning!!