Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What were we thinking that we could actually plan around a forced due date? OH well, it was a fun week to gain an extra 3 pounds and having Tammy with me kept any disappointment or depression far far away.
We set an induction date 5 days before actual due date so we got Tammy a plane ticket 2 days before that so we could play & go out to lunch before she would be stuck at home with me and new baby but instead we had to make a new induction date for a week later b/c I wasn't even close to dilating so we kept busy in and out of the house. Experimented with Coke to clean off the hard water stains from our water worked

Amelia finally had someone to play kitties with her on the floor

finished reupholstering the dining room chairs

This is Tammy's idea of a planned breakfast (slightly different than my moms :)
mopping floors for exercise
Arrived at the hospital 8am
Mom flew in to town at 10:30am & was happy to rub it in that it was not her that was in labor
and Tammy was quite happy about that as well
but by 11pm she was getting a little tired, she tried to blame it on her age. Thank goodness she lasted another 53 minutes to see the face of her newest grand baby...I have the sweetest picture of my mom crying but if I posted it she would disown me :)

but I can show Tammy's red eyes with a smile

he may have been the longest labor but his delivery was the shortest with only 2 pushes and just like that he had finally arrived & was very content once he was perfectly swaddled
Lots of oooh's and awww's from these little people

Thomas made sure his aunt would not forget about him so he gave her plenty of kisses

It was sad that she only had a few moments with Reid before she had to fly back home but so grateful she got to witness his birth

one of the few moments my Mom got to sit down...she was hopping or running the whole week long & she spoiled me with healthy meals at my bedside & the girls miss getting notes in their lunches

We love staring at him b/c he is the cutest miniature person we have around here & he gives us the funniest little old man looks & when he stretches out his legs he always toots...that's great entertainment around here


Anonymous said...

That was so much fun lets do it again! You forgot to mention that i also gained 3 lbs right along wioth you but it did not slide off so easily as it has with you :) My fav pic is of course Thomas waiting to go to church in his perfect outfit i picked for him but i know he was highly disappointed when we went no where haha you are the best!

Anonymous said...

yes i do know that nowhere is one word!

devinandamie said...

aah how come your blog always makes me want more children, but my life makes me want the opposite? You make 6 children feel like 3. I've always thought that. So special. i think he looks like summer and tessa a bit.

ZMR said...

OHHHHHH HOW SCRUMDIDDLYUMTIOUS. The post are a little out of order. I am so excited to come down for easter it is going to be so much fun. I am going to make an amazing breakfast, cant wait to see the baby. By the way this is Bryn your favorite neise in the world.

Anonymous said...

i thought for a minute Jody was promising the amazing breakfast and i was just gonna warn she promised an amazing Easter Dinner here in St george and well we all know that ain't happenin' HA HA i might get in touble for this one :)

P.S. you can tell Bryn how to spell Niece :)

Kim Russell said...

Congratulations! He's a cutie!