Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's have a little Ketchup...

time to get these pictures out of hiding (Posts will be out of order but I'm sure Tammy will be patient with me) 

 Daddy, Reid, and Eliza getting a little rock a bye before bed
 Aunt Laura came to the rescue for week 2 of recovery (or basically keeping my other children alive by feeding them :) Jody had to cancel to have emergency eye surgery so Laura answered James pleading phone call with a quick "yes"...Thank heavens!

 Thomas is all about the smooches

 He was so spoiled with love that he had no time to be jealous of a new baby

Our sweet new baby is a happy little guy when he's held or being fed which is why my eyeballs ache with tiredness...can't wait til he's on a predictable schedule!


something good said...

Wow, you did it! That was fun!

I'm packing my bags...waitin on the ok from the eye doc...then goodbye boring teenage world...hello little kitty world!!!


Anonymous said...

That was great! Loving the new haircut and Thomas looks like a giant very sad :( Does Reid have some red in his hair?? if so its all James fault :) Get your sleep but don't ever forget to post at least every 8 days hahahaha

Lori said...

Man, if they didn't grow into 2 year olds I would have another in a second. He is so stinking cute and I wish I was there to hug and kiss on him...and Thomas as well. You make beautiful babies!

Nana/Mom said...

So fun to see your blog and catch up on your beautiful family. Congratulations on another handsome boy! Love the last picture of Reid in the outfit! How fun is that! Our love to all your family. Patti Hintze