Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally her Birthday came!

Eliza turned 9 years old & every year she says it will snow on her birthday but we haven't had snow since before thanksgiving and sure enough she woke up to snow! It was snowing the morning she was born so I guess we have to stick with tradition.

 Thomas excitedly waves bye, bye to the girls every morning for about 5 minutes...he doesn't care that they are long gone.


these girls love to celebrate, especially when it's for one of their own

 I asked her over and over...are you sure you don't want a cake? "nope, just my favorite cookies...frosted molasses cookies"
Eliza was so meant to be the oldest in our family & even has a bond with my sister Deb (the eldest :) they have a love for Pigs, piggies, piglets etc. they don't like change very well, they both really appreciate their alone time, and they also appreciate the old classics in life (Liza likes listening to the Kit Kittredge soundtrack & thinks it would be cool to have a really old typewriter that works)
She sweetens our lives and we love her to pieces!!!

               May all your wishes come true.


Tait said...

Happy Birthday Liza!!!

Lori said...

Brynn was counting down the days and so worried that I would forget about her birthday. Do you ever answer your cell? I can't find your home phone number.
Hope you got all of Brynn's birthday wishes!

tammyswilliams said...

PRECIOUS! I meant Thomas standing in the door :) ok I know i need to remember that all my baby nieces and newphews grow up and eventually stop calling me Bam Bam but if I had one birthday wish it would be that they never do! Lots of love Liza! love Aunt BAM BAM

tammyswilliams said...

you like how spell nephews!

something good said...

Ahhh HHHAAppy Bertday Liza...

love, gusgus