Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Food Holiday or Thanksgiving

 Look who was in charge of the Turkey...
the husband & wife team took their job very seriously, new rubber mitts, new $20 thermometer that cooked Mr T just right. I don't like turkey meat but this one was gooood.

                                           Mom & Dave

My two oldest siblings doing their signature pose (that's what happens when mojitos are served)
 Jody, Bryn, Deb & James pretending to work in the kitchen

 Amelia looks lost in the shuffle but I assure you...she was not forgotten, I'm pretty sure I fed her


My niece Chanel came & I can't call her little anymore b/c she is now crazy!

 Talk about some serious eating going on here
then it was time for a new family tradition...Pin the feather on the Turkey! Write what you're grateful for on the feather, read it, pin it, and hope for the grand prize which was a See's Chocolate Santa. Yes, even the adults took this one serious.

 Chanel with a few of  her girly little cousins (liza is not sure how to smile w/o those front teeth)

 Really, no child was allowed to pout at Grandma's house and how could you with a candy table staring at you all weekend!
what to do when you're done eating leftovers?
Make Saturday donuts of course! They were the yummiest cake donuts & James agreed b/c he kept asking me if I wanted a donut maker for Christmas...thanks a lot Jody, just what I need right now are endless donuts. well, maybe I do.


Before we knew it we were back on the Extraterrestrial Highway (literally)
they even have an Alien museum b/c it's that scary if you were to break down...nothin' for miles & miles.

Thomas thought it was pretty cool & said 'spoooky'
(not really b/c all he can say is oof, oof and wow)


tammyswilliams said...

What a wonderful family know there is another one coming up in a week or so and maybe we could refill the candy table with your favs and do another fabulous dinner and open presents for hours! We sure do miss you already and i need a little oof and wow in my life..just saying your invited :)

Lori said...

I want to come to your parents next year:) I definitely think you need that donut maker, that looked yummy!

Zana said...

They have an open door policy...simply b/c they never lock it. So I'll see you in November :)

something good said...

fun fun fun til the Zana takes the baby away!

You guys made it the best ever!