Sunday, November 14, 2010

So James got pulled over and when the Cop opened the door, this is what he saw...

so Thomas asked "what's the problem officer?"

the officer replied... "go buy a car sir"

and so James complied.

James has babied this truck for almost 14 years now & the darn thing never fell apart so we could never justify getting rid of a paid for vehicle but now he's finally convinced that we've outgrown it :)


devinandamie said...

love love this. It must be a farmer child's thing, gotta baby those cars, especially if it is a truck. (My brother's are just like James).. SO I've been thinking of names for you. And I've tossed around a few and i've settled on

Thomas, James and Gordon

Henry was in the running and Percy. :)

But if you want you can steal our name, Louis.(Louie)
Although this week we are thiiiis close to changing it. (really), but the siblings are protesting their brother's name change.
I think if Gage was born on time and I had even 1 more week to make a decision that would have been his name. His file in our file cabinet is labeled that still. I was just indecisive so Devin named him and so yah. So maybe you can have it. It can be in honor of St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

im so ready for James to driving a new vehicle!! He has suffered 7 years to long. The new car will make him love his job even more :)

Tammy W. said...

hey sista time to update your profile!! and you don't live in chesterfiled no more dorothy :)how come i can't go to your friends blogs from your blog????