Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So last Wednesday we enjoyed our yard looking  like this...

         now these are covered in white

these pictures of thomas were taken while trying to teach myself more about my camera settings and yes I've had my camera for 2 years & I'm just getting around to this

     last Wednesday we all celebrated James birthday a few days early b/c he left Friday for his hunting trip that was planned before we even knew we were moving. He has finally caught up to me in age, at least for now.
(see, I don't care that it's dark...that is horrible yellow lighting!)

 look like
 a toofless old man!

 Our indoor lighting stinks for taking pictures so I've been trying to manually fix this & while changing my white balance settings I forgot to change them for when I went outside to capture Amelia loving the snow so I went back outside for the last 2 pictures to show the difference in what the morning light really looked like (b/c it definitely was not bluish)

9AM Wednesday morning
3 girls off to school
1 girl enjoying snow angels in her jammies
1 boy already down for morning nap
1 mom trying to decide whether or not to make her terry cloth robe a permanent wardrobe feature

All of this going on while our fall leaves didn't even get a chance to fall off in the wind. Instead they are being forced by the, I'm not bitter.


something good said...

your yard looks beautiful!

The pics of snow is the cold hard truth that Christmas really is just around the corner.

By the way...Tammy put up her tree yesterday! Crazy Christmas Girl!

tammyswilliams said...

ok everyone needs the staple of a robe in their closet kind of like having a trench coat :) your weather is out of control there and I would take the toofless old man any day..brought a smile and laughter to my thinking its going up on my screensaver :) love the kitty cat snow angel!