Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010...

Amelia as Hello Kitty

 and Tessa as a Pirate but when she won an award they announced her as a Gypsy so she said "next year I'll wear this again but I'll call myself a Gypsy"

Eliza changed her costume idea to be the American Girl doll...'Felicity' b/c Aunt Laura mailed her the dress

Summer was a serious Fairy :)

Thomas was too busy eating to be apart of this picture...I was just happy not to have to buy anything for their costumes this year, recycling is the best!

Our little guy was a chicken & this is the only picture I got of him, how pathetic but at least it was a cozy costume whether he liked it or not.

A hay ride with hot chocolate...they loved it even though it was so so cold!

I am always amazed with how every ward pulls off these gatherings but I've never been to one that has a bubble machine...She said she saw one & then they made their own & have been using it for years.
It was so cool.

So now I'm ready to throw out the candy and get back to having baked goods permeate the house!


tammyswilliams said...

ok none of the CHICKEN!! whats Halloween all about if you can't get a million pics of a CHICKEN! love all the costumes but have to say really like Tess she is smokin' hot at 7 years of age. in the hay ride she looks like Liza. FUN FUN i have no pics of Ash b/c i never do and why change for you LOL

Zana said...

I was hoping this year was the year of change and that you would actually start recording the youthful events of your childrens lives...but then again you are the only one who mails out their school pictures for their cousins so your good, real good.

something good said...

That was fun! Adorable costumes, but Tam is right, we need to see the little tender chicken please!!!