Tuesday, August 17, 2010

listen, it's me thomas. and this here is my aunt piggers...she took me out to play some raquetball and during our 1 on 1 she filled me in on the fact that she is now looking for a soul mate. no. not me, someone quite a bit older and maybe not so cute. he just has to have a sweet spirit and lots of wrinkles.

now that i've taken care of that, let's move on to my birthday...it rocked.

 my mom's all class when it comes to wrapping for a 1 year old,
she thinks i didn't notice
 can i just eat it like this?
 what do you mean there are rules to eating a birfday cake...
 that's what i thought
 hmmm, that's dang good
 water break

my twirling toes say it all.

thanks girls for playing tractor with me all day and for singing to me over and over and over again...i loved it everytime!


Tait said...

Happy Birthday Thomas J....glad to see he kept his clothes on. Cali on the other hand ran around in her underwear at her birthday dinner.

Anonymous said...

like the shout out for Deb :) okay i know the toe pic was for Jody but I have to say when I saw them i just wante to bite my lower lip really hard! ouch its bleeding. feel the love!!

something good said...

He's my baby - I don't say maybe!