Sunday, August 22, 2010

Already just a memory...

Hot summer days made just for swimming

Look close and you will see why it is such a miracle to make it through a summer at Grandpa's pool with no calls to 911...there are actually four platforms for diving off, one rope swing and a large pole covered with carpet hanging over the pool about 10 or 12 feet.

Aunt Deb with just a few piglets hanging on her (yes, the youngest piglet is naked)

Swimming all day can really wipe you out

Ashlin working on her upper body strength

From sun up to sun down this pool was on duty and did a fine job of entertaining on our long hot summer days...see you next year.


Anonymous said...

that pool ain't no fun with you guys gone. its like it has gone into a depression and decided to turn sad to see another summer fly by. glad you lovng your new home!

JJW said...

Those pics are sweet, I can finally show my co-workers how crazy my dad is and what the most personal injury friendly back yard in the world looks like in color. One of those pictures could be used on an exam for budding 10yr-old personal injury attorneys--circle all of the places were a compound fracture could occur that were not part of the original pool design. Answer: 17

k a t y said...

That is the coolest pool I have ever seen. Can I be an adopted grandchild?

♥Maren said...

Can I come to grandma's pool next year? WOW! We missed you at lunch yesterday... actually, we just miss you period!