Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Visitor!

Who woulda thunk that Uncle Joey who has 3 little ones of his own would plan a trip to fly out here b/c he was dying for some quality time with my 5 little ones! I know, he's an amazing uncle to fly up on his own dime & devote a week to hanging out with us...well maybe it was just an overnighter & maybe his work paid for it b/c he had some exciting deposition to do but hey...he could have stayed in a hotel but he chose us, he chose us (please say that last part with conviction like Tom Cruise would)

Thanks Joseph for the visit! I could have captured more exciting moments than this at the yogurt shop but I was too entertained with you trying to teach my girls leg wrestling before bed & watching to see if you would hurt yourself while trying to do your traditional tuck ins on the top bunks :) that was funny. Til next time!


something good said...

You Nevada snobs! Whatever!!!!

I'm just jealous

JJW said...

Zana, I had a blast and your towels weren't even scratchy like I'm used to at the Hyatt! You still need to send Suzy that enchilada recipe and you can plan on many more overnighters before December, least 1 or 2. I may be flying in Oct 7th, Thursday evening, I'll keep you posted. Your kids really are the cutest, I'm ready to concede.

MissMeliss said...

I think if you were to say it with more conviction like Tom Cruise then that would involve a couch and jumping on it in front of Oprah. :)

Some day I will meet your youngins' and perhaps our kids could play. They would all have such a blast...because we are such fun people. :)