Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daddy Daughter Date

Now we realize that this primary activity is usually meant to spend some quality time with daddy giving you all his attention but for me & my house...we don't follow the same rules




Dear old dad was just required to smile a lot more


Nici said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!! Everyone is getting so big!! I want to come visit you with my girls!!! Love you and miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

that is so great! so were you and thomas off to nordstrom cafe?? nice to see Liza really trying really hard to keep those eyes open! love the array of dresses! fancy:)

something good said...

James sure looks pretty in PINK!

Tait said...

HOpe James keeps that smile after 4 weddings....Cha Ching!!!! They'll call him Daddy Nobucks

michelle said...

Okay are KILLING me with a capital K. The pics on your header are like a spread in a magazine. Brad Pitt and Angelina have absolutely a big fat NOTHING on James and Zanna. Seriously. People are wanting to make babies because of you. Lots of babies. Lots of girl babies and and maybe a couple of boy babies.

Who you ask?
Certainly not me.

All the OTHER people.

P.S. While I agree with Tait about the whole wedding thing, take it from the oldest of five girls all born within 9 years. The industrial size boxes of tampons and pantyhose will drain James' wallet LONG before those weddings come around. Like MY sweet and tenderhearted Dad used to always say, "I swear someday all this PMS is actually going to kill me."