Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's go Swimming!

6 weeks of swim team & all three of them are ready for the Olympics! Okay so maybe it's just cute to see them swim as slow as snails & after every meet Tessa tells me she is so excited to get her first place ribbon...umm, we're still waiting.

just keep swimming!!!

and look who stands patiently while the sun goes down watching her sisters compete
swimming buns
(she has a very strict diet & workout routine of lollipops & Pilate's to keep her buns so cute)


Nici said...

SOOOO cute Zana... I have beeen thinking about you lots lately. Hope you are feeling great. P.S. I need your chocolate cupcake with orange frosting recipe ASAP. Or you can just make me some and bring them over yourself :)
Love and Hugs Nici

tammyswilliams said...

okay i want those buns! I think i will have Kelsey take a picture of me standing like that and we can compare..maybe there isn't a lot of differences..see we can all live in lala land!:)

Belle said...

cute little buns!

Kim said...

Hi Zana! It's your "other" big sister here. I'm so glad you do this blog so I can keep tabs on the Wirth family, especially my Foda. It was so fun to catch up with Laura a couple of weeks ago at Wendy's house! So much news, I can't believe you are preggers, and with a BOY! You are such a cute mom and your girls are SO darling. I can tell all the aunties and grandma Susan just want to eat them up! You all keep in such good touch with each other being so far apart, and it looks like you get to see each other a fair amount. Now YOU just need to make a trip back to your old stomping ground in 7th ward someday! xo.