Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Shower Surprise


I took these pictures for Carrie so that she would always have proof of how loved she is but I now post them for myself to prove to Lori that she really can keep a secret. It's always more fun to throw a party for someone else so I told Lori I would do the house & food if she would cover the invite list & I didn't even clue in when she told me people were volunteering to bring everything from drinks, main dish & dessert (I figured she didn't like my menu) So when the time came to welcome everyone...I did and then Alma took over & thanked everyone for 'coming out to Zana & Carries baby shower!' I think I was more surprised that I was surprised...Carrie is due a month before me (I'll get over being jealous around the end of August) & is having a boy as well so it was more fun opening presents sitting next to her. Now our baby boy won't be caught wearing any pink b/c we got over 20 outfits, lots of onesies, cozy blankets & the essential bath robe:) I stuff really does make it more fun!!!


The next morning the girls reopened everything with lots of "oooo, it's sooo cute"

(Alma, if you get around to reading this by the end of the year, I have sisters bugging me to bug you for your enchilada recipes & yes I'm dying to make them for myself, BEST BABY SHOWER FOOD EVER!)


carrie said...

It was the best baby shower! Everyone was so generous and I'm so glad you were surprised. I loved opening all those gifts next to you I'm so glad we got to do it together! I want some pictures, will you e-mail them to me if you think about it.

something good said...

Like, WHATEVER! Who do they think they, amazing, generous friends or something?! I tried to move to St Louie, but they wouldn't let me in!

Wish I could have been there! Tell Alma pronto with that recipe!;)

Anonymous said...

FUN! wish I were there for the partay but not for the clean up the next morning :) that was a cute striped onesie on the floor. Now lets get the pic of you up on the site!