Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fourth pregnancy is a breeze...(ahem)

Now I may look like a drunk pregnant woman in this picture but since I don't know photoshop & how to replace a face, this will have to do. Tammy said...'just take a picture like Suzy did' well my cameraman captured my moment while talking & half blinking. Nothing like Suzy's which was cute and classy in her last month of pregnancy...oh well, I did add a bronze tone to try & diminish the drugged out look
I have a few pictures to prove just how easy pregnancy can be with four kids...
Tessa is in charge of folding all laundry & putting it away Photobucket
Eliza does all the pick up and vacuuming
Summer washes all the dishes before she is allowed to go to bed
Amelia must scrub the toilets every other day

Sisters are in charge of nurturing & caring for eachother throughout the entire 9 months

and when small jobs come up like washing down the van...they better get their buns to work before I have to ask
Photobucket Photobucket
What else is a mom supposed to do when she feels like she's 10 months pregnant!? So maybe I'm only 8 months along but I'm finally at peace with being pregnant during the summer, swollen feet and all (hopefully I can hold on to that feeling for another month)
So close, yet so far away!!!


something good said...

You make-a-me make-a-me not fair, I never was asked to pose for Fit Pregnancy Magazine in my last trimester, only in my first! ;)

Looks like you've got everything under control. I'll cancel my flight and come when you really need me! HEE HEE!

Belle said...

Oh Zanna, that was so cute and funny. You sure are a little cutie (a little drunk or not) being "really" pregnant and not your shirt stuffed with a pillow like the old days! The countdown is on gf! Best of luck! And remember there is always someone who has it worse thatn you. My summer is averaging 115 degrees...yuck!

Nici said...

Zana, only you can look so stinking cute when you are so close to delivering!!! I love the pics of the girls and always knew you would be a "slave driver of a mom" Keep smiling and try to stay cool. You only have a few weeks left my friend.

Julie said...

You tick me off!! Stop looking so cute when your pregnant. Fun post. Hang in there sister 5 is a wild, yet very awesome ride. (number 5 was actually the easiest!!) I will be thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

well now that i see how great you look I want to go back and tell you NOT to post a pic b/c I had you looking like rhino on the back of giraffe and that just ain't the case. your hair looks beautiful good color! what you should really be counting down is the days when i will be there :) about 55 days!

Christy Ivory said...

You look totally darling girl!!! I wish I would have looked half as cute as you do. I look totally awful when I'm preg. Good for you putting your little ones to work. They will never be lazy. Hope all is doing well. When are you due??? Talk to you soon.!

The Wehrmeister's said...

Please send your children over to clean. Especially toilet girl. I need that one.

Anonymous said...

I just looked again at your pic and you are big girl but not in a fat way just in a belly way :) less than 4 weeks and you are done! remember aug 15 say it over and over so when it passes and you are still prego you can curse my name! luvs

Tait said...

Its like Spencer Jones said" moms have kids so they do all the work".

Anonymous said...

ok you need to make one final update before you deliver but meanwhile here are the fam's predictions of when you will deliver this boy..
DEB-27th (she is mean & I told her)
ASH-18th(she would love it!)

♥Maren said...

I am glad you have those little ones working! (I am thinking that little brother is going to have LOTS of mothering!)