Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We (moms) have to actually work for this candyIt is easier to share when you have a lot of it

For our ward trunk or treat I actually dressed up but I had to tell everyone what I was...can you guess? I was the evil Ursula ruling over her 4 little mermaids...it was a black short hair wig (can't you see the Ursula in their a teeny, weeny bit?)

Then the next week we dress up for preschool...
I tried downloading the halloween song they sang (how do you do that Amie??)
Here's Summer, she chose purple b/c since she was 2 years old Liza has been telling her that purple is her favorite color

And Tessa who wanted to wear purple suddenly but she was told by a short little person that she can't change her favorite color...pink.

Then comes Halloween night...finally. Summer stayed true to her desire to be a mermaid but the others changed their minds b/c it was just too hard to run in.

Liza turned into a witch, thanks to our neighbors stash of costumes
I'm so glad it's over b/c I am tired of being mean from eating too much candy.


foda's food said...

TOO cute for words, no really there just isn't any. I'm just in shock at the pic of Summer with her long flowing hair-she looks like a teenager!
You sure have turned into some fancy sewin diva! Hey, Shape magazine is looking for next months cover model. I see you in your swim suit at the sewing machine...Faith Hill's got nothing on you girl!!

Julie said...

What a fun idea to go as mermaids and the evil Ursula! Very cute.

I am with you chica, thank goodness it is over. It sure is fun, but man it is a lot work.

p.s. I just can't seem to give up the candy!!! What is going on with me!!

carrie said...

Zana the whole fam is so cute. You did such a great job on the costumes I wish I would just take the time to learn to sew but with my mom so close I just use her all the time. You should be very proud of yourself.

suzy said...

It's been too long...I'm back to blogging! I've just been laughing through you posts--so great! Poor Kate...so sad she's wasn't part of your family for halloween...everyday she askes, "next time can I be ariel???" She had never seen little mermaid until the day after Halloween and every day all day long it's...ah ah ah, ah ah ah,ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah... (you like that I typed that all out???:)