Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FIVE years old!

Birthday girls turned 5 on October 23rd!
Yummy pumpkin pancakes with warm apple cider syrup...I want them again, right now.Their big day included going out to lunch with Dad in his truck! Our girls love getting to drive in the truck...it is the sweetest ride & the color is so manly & who doesn't love rolling down their windows, taking a swig of your drink, talking on the cell phone & trying to switch gears while being thrown around inside? This truck will be with us until James retires b/c he takes care of it (too good of care) Don't get me wrong, I love it, it's just funny when we argue over who gets to take the 'van' on Saturday errands!

Every year since these girls were born I've told James that we're going to Disneyland when these girls turn 5 (I really thought the day would never come) but we opted for this place instead & for now...they don't know the difference b/c they were still jumping up & down

"this is the best day I've never had"
"so do we get to go to kindergarten tomorrow now that we're 5?"
"why is grandpa such a good kid?"
"I like every treat except the ones I don't like"
Summer is always so full of enthusiasm, she can make conversation out of nothing. She is a happy girl that loves life and she makes our home a happy one! We love our Summer!

"now that I'm 5 mom, I can read"
"I don't have to practice piano...I know how, I'm 5"
" When I'm grown up I want to be a horse with wings"
"Why do those monkeys have people buns?"
"Mom can you please turn off the computer? I love it so much I can't stop"
Tess is our little cuddle bear. She can't get enough hugging & loving. When Summer falls asleep first, Tessa tells us she's lonely (she's four inches away from her.) She is tender when she expresses how much she loves us and her face is always so sincere when she says how much she'll miss someone who is leaving. We love our Tessa!
The end to a very happy, happy day.
Is is time to cut hair?


Julie said...

How sweet and congrats! You made it to their fifth year. I love all the funny things kids say. The "monkey buns" had me rolling. I wish we could get your girls together with my girls. That would be a riot!

carrie said...

Happy Birthday Summer and Tessa! Chuck-E-Cheese is way fun they seem like they had a great day. I was also laughing out loud at the monkey buns comment that's some seriously funny stuff.

foda's food said...

AAAAHHHHH!! YOU ARE KILLING ME! That was one funnylious post!! Tell the girls Disneyland is coming to their house - a.k.a. UNCLE DAVE!

I need my girls, lucky Dave!

foda's food said...

Another AAAHHHH! I hate it when I misspell a made up word...so let's do it the hooked on phonics way -


Lori said...

Chuck and Mickey are so the same thing to a 5 yr old

LeAnn Owens said...

Zana I just found you! I last thought you were in Las vegas.call me we have to catch up. Leann 208-772-8373. By the way your family is adorable.