Friday, November 21, 2008

Dancing Queens

If only we had mini Abba costumes...then they'd really know how to dance!
Amelia actually sings along to the song Mama Mia

Who needs dance lessons when you already feel like a pro in your own living room?

I asked Summer today why she fell asleep with the ear warmers over her eyes last night..."b/c Tessa always turns on the light in the night & I didn't want her to wake me" (This girl knows how to be prepared to not lose your beauty sleep) She also told me she went to bed with her clothes on under her jammies so she wouldn't have to get dressed in the morning. That's a good tip for all Moms.


Lori said...

That Summer is too cute! Why pay for dance when they THE dancing queen as a mom.

Julie said...

Your girls are too cute!! I bet they are constantly cracking you up.

MomTo4Girls (aka Kim) said...

That picture reminds me when I found my 4 year old asleep with ear muffs on her ears. They had been playing with them earlier and my 2 year old was crying because she didn't want to go to bed (what else is new?) and so Paige put them on so she couldn't hear her. What ever works! :)