Friday, October 17, 2008

Tammy is finally here...

Here is the rundown of what goes on when a sister comes to town...
Arrives with suitcase full of goodies!
Creates new hairstyles for the girls (arn't you impressed Jody?)

I get jealous when she spends more playtime with my girls than with me..

She tries to sleep in...does she think she's on vacation or something?!
(It's 8:45am & can you tell the girls are trying to be patient?)

Since James is still out of town, this is what we are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

to be continued when I can capture our exciting moments of...sitting on the couch.


Lori said...

That last picture would be my last meal if I was on death row:)

foda's food said...

That was pretty funny Nanners!
I have a sugar headache just thinking about candycorn!
Sorry today's the day Bam's leaving:o(
But it's time to get the girls back to thinkin Aunt Jody rules!

P.S. When she leaves, I don't want the girl's to find you passed out on the bathroom floor from overdosing on candycorn! Just call me, and I'll talk you through Tammy withdrawl!