Monday, February 7, 2011

Proof of Pregnancy

So here it is...

 8 months along, my sisters claim it's been the fastest pregnancy for them...imagine that. Other than Eliza, it really has been an easy going pregnancy. Maybe it's because I've had all the right treats at my fingertips & in the month of January I got lost in the book series 'The Great and the Terrible' (May just have to finish #6 today)

James was already at church so in each picture I'm talking to my mini photographer

 I'm so grateful that my boots still zip over swollen feet and ankles b/c my big ol' tennis shoes just wouldn't look cute with skirts.
 A few weeks ago I really wanted to feel healthier by cutting back on my sugar intake so I sat down with this book & a bowl of this at my side. Usually this book inspires me & reminds me of all knowledge I've forgotten (it's been with me for 16 years & in my college Speech class it won me an A because it convinced the professor to cut out soda...wonder if he stuck with it?)
but I'm Pregnant & I quickly forgot the chapters I read because by the next day  I found myself at Whole Foods spending $40 bucks on all their goodies...nothing wholesome. Oh well, Tammy will be here in less than five weeks- she'll only want carrots & celery for dessert & that's all she'll offer me right?


something good said...

Sugar Blue sky is smiling on me! What a day, call me, I'll tell you all about it!

You should be a wear it well!

Anonymous said...

if you are trying to convince me that you have gained too much weight ain't happen'n! and yes hasn't mom told you i'm a wonder a celery shakes :) can't wait to be there!

k a t y said...


♥Maren said...

You look so cute... this really has gone by fast for me too! :)

MissMeliss said...

Let's see, if these are twins then you are that much closer to have "TEN" children! It is funny we joked about that on our are fulfilling the prophecy! HAhaaha! I am so happy for you and you cute family!

Buy the way I think I will stick with four so I do not have a nervous break down. It is sad that they will all grow up to be teenagers...I wish I could skip this part with blinking my eyes once. Our oldest turns twelve next month and he is a conglomeration of many emotions, almost simultaneously...uggh!
Enjoy them while there young! :P