Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a few items to discuss...

For our future guests who will arrive in the lucky month of march!!!
You've hit the jackpot for a relaxing stay at the luxurious spa of Bowen Appetit' where you get to stuff yourselves with the love of 4 adoring girls who will admire your every move (and remind you that you "do it different than my mom") and you will have a boy that thinks the world of you if you hold him and let him eat all the fruit his little eyes desire.

So let's move on to what you're really looking forward to...the list of expectations!!!

3 school lunches made fresh each morning with a touch of creativity & all items must be homemade such as fruit leather, crackers, ranch dip, etc.

each holiday/celebration we supply 3 classrooms with the appropriate cupcakes so if you wouldn't mind making about 75 of these cute things...thanks

Dinner is always served up fresh and hot by 5:30pm each night & vegetables are a must because my children can't stand a meal without them.

always be standing by to capture the moments of sisterly love b/c when they look back on their childhood I want them to assume they never fought over clothes, shoes, plastic thingies, and paper (yes, paper) 

I can't have any disappointed faces like the ones below...just b/c I won't play out in the cold looking snow doesn't mean you won't jump out there with them! 

Please read them 20 to 25 books each night so that they will be half asleep before the bedtime hour even rolls around & they will skip off to bed happily (what? this picture has nothing to do with a flash)

After a long day at school they always come home to an incredible snack that I take much time in preparing... 

A little something like this... 

 and in your spare time if you could arrange something like this in the playroom, it would be much appreciated since our kids don't like to watch TV it would be nice to have separate shelves for the age appropriate books
 and if you could manage to teach our kids how to keep the shoes in perfect order, that would be swell :)
notice this picture has only adult shoes so of course it's organized
 one more thing, would you mind modifying my pantry to look a little more like this?
Okay, okay, okay. So my only real expectation is to have some fun company sittin' next to me on the couch and keeping my mind full of good healthy chit chat so that there is no time to dwell on thoughts of..."what in the world?! we chose to go through this again?!"

Don't be nervous Tammy, Mom, Jody. Just b/c Laura plans to visit in August and Deb plans to visit sometime next year...that just means they have no faith that a new Mom can be loads of fun. It'll be a breeze. he he he


tammyswilliams said...

ya ya ya we all know that the only person who is going to out do those magazine stolen pics is our Mommy! hahahaha can't wait to be there and show off my many sitting positions!

something good said...

I need to go to creative snack bootcamp and brush up on my skills!

4 weeks and counting baby!

something good said...

promise one more post before the tonka truck is delivered!

Craving lots and lots of pics!

love ya!