Monday, July 5, 2010

A traditional 4th of July with some added sparkle...

We gathered at Suzy's grandma's house in the heart of St. George & made ourselves comfy, cozy on their front porch. (I now want a front porch)

my brother, Joseph, hanging out with his youngest, Grey.

Deb rode in on her bike & wasn't even out of breath (show off)

I always feel like we're starting a new year after the 4th because of all the  screaming & eating.


Julie said...

Dang!! You are only 9 hours away from me. Why don't you pack yourself in Lauras bag and come visit me. Looks like your having a great time on your trip. BTW- do you know where in Reno you will be living. One of my most favorite persons is moving there next week. You would LOVE her. She is amazing, sweet, giving, and super fun. I will have to hook you two up. Then you can talk about how much you love me!! hehehehhehe

tammyswilliams said...

nice camera to get those in action fireworks mine always come out just a blur :) you should have a front porch i support you 100% on that!